Rapson Fire – Feb 2010

I remember this night. Frantic knocking at the door around midnight. Of course I’m the one who answered- could have been a meth dealer or the angry homeless. Custodian yelling at us to get out of the building because there’s a fire in the wood shop. What?! I run back and convey the message. We look around and grab our laptops (I had to leave my drawings) and our coats. I didn’t take any pictures as the fire alarm then went off. We could see smoke in the wood shop. I can’t believe this is happening. Fire trucks- the thought of everything burning down… turned out to be a small fire and it was over after a few hours but it was a free pass for the next day. “I’m sorry I couldn’t finish this drawing because of the fire last night” once in a life time.

Rapson 43 Water Damage – OCM.