Canon EOS-M

18 mpxl APS-C sensor – ISO 25600…. Not bad for $800. Not sure if the lens sticking out makes it worth the hassle over a S100. The Sony RX100 still looks like a very nice middle ground with a much larger sensor than the S100 (but smaller than a 4/3 but much smaller than the APC in this new canon shooter or a FujiX100) but the benefit of the RX100 is that it’s much more pocketable than a lens system camera (this EOS-M or Nikon 1). For me the only allure to buying a camera that isn’t an DSLR (D800/D4/1DX) is that it fits inside a small pocket on a man-purse and takes better shots than my iPhone 4…. But this looks like it might be a good alternative to a X100 at this price (like $400 cheaper) but the lack of a viewfinder kills me. I feel lost without one if I’m doing anything more than vacation pictures. Would still kill for a Lecia M9 though.

Canon EOS-M | Gear Patrol.


Their Moon Shot and Ours

This is such a good article – I won’t post it in the web clips but it’s a part of me- or soapbox. We spend so much money on an intangible “benefit” making the world a safer place. If we had spent the money on high speed rail instead of war, we could have a first class high speed all across our county. What do we had to show for our military investment the knowledge that osama is at the bottom of the ocean? America has rested of it’s infrastructure for decades- time to reinvest in smarter and better systems that look forward to the future. I can’t help but think that if we had achieved energy independence in the 70s-80s like we had planned we’d be better off with regards to our ‘situation’ in the middle east.

Their Moon Shot and Ours –