Canon EOS-M

18 mpxl APS-C sensor – ISO 25600…. Not bad for $800. Not sure if the lens sticking out makes it worth the hassle over a S100. The Sony RX100 still looks like a very nice middle ground with a much larger sensor than the S100 (but smaller than a 4/3 but much smaller than the APC in this new canon shooter or a FujiX100) but the benefit of the RX100 is that it’s much more pocketable than a lens system camera (this EOS-M or Nikon 1). For me the only allure to buying a camera that isn’t an DSLR (D800/D4/1DX) is that it fits inside a small pocket on a man-purse and takes better shots than my iPhone 4…. But this looks like it might be a good alternative to a X100 at this price (like $400 cheaper) but the lack of a viewfinder kills me. I feel lost without one if I’m doing anything more than vacation pictures. Would still kill for a Lecia M9 though.

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