Nikon Coolpix P7700 preview – 12MP CMOS-based enthusiast superzoom

I think the Nikon P7000 series is finally at a point of refinement that I would have bought this over a g11/g12. Although I still love the dedicated ISO dial on the g series (traveling around europe going from indoor to outdoor back to indoor, the ISO is what I changed constantly). I sold my g11 because in the end I thought it was too bulky for what it is- even though I loved the articulating screen and all the easy access dials. Doing it again I would have either gotten an s100 (then s95) or an x100 (if I could have afforded it)). Also if I had know about the g11s (or perhaps all canon’s p&s’) tendency over expose IMHO I might have stayed away from canon all together- g11 or s95. Today there are much better options for large(r) sensor compacts in about the same form factor as this camera. The G1 X for example. The G1 X is aimed at those who usually have a 5D or D700 around their necks who need more features, iso range, and controls than most compacts. The senor is nearly APS-C sized, has an ISO range up to 12800, and an articulating screen etc.Other options such as the Canon EOS M and Sony RX100 are aimed at P&S up-graders, you can find iso controls in the menu…in fact I see the RX100 as a s100 killer.

In summary the P7700 is a mighty fine camera but if I was carrying a black plastic box to make pictures that was that size (i.e. not actually “pocketable”- or at least easy to slide into a side pouch of a man purse (or girlfriends purse) like an s100 or rx100). I’d rather have a mirror-less APS-C thing like the EOS M or a NEX7, or a camera that has a larger sensor than what can be found in an s100 and go for a G1 X or Fuji X100 (also APS-C) and deal with a slightly larger picture making box than a g12 or p7700. Especially since (except for the Fuji and NEX7) all these camera’s (g12, s100, G1 X, RX100, EOS M) are sub $1k.  If you had a bunch of canon glass it’s a no brainer to go for the EOS M because you can use those lenses with an adapter (I think you can do something similar for the NEX7). I don’t even know if you can use the Nikon 1 series with std Nikon glass…yes you can the FT1 adapter for F mount glass… anyway at this point you may be better off carrying a d7000 or d5000/3000. Anyway the point is that you could- when you buy a camera like this you want to be a little (lot) more portable but still pack a punch right.

The g12 and the p7700 are in about the same boat, a boat that has it’s sails flapping. If you want a p7700 (and aren’t totally brand crazy– it’s ok to be a loyalist when you have heaps of nikon glass and are dealing with camera kit in the 5k-30K range. But when it comes to ‘enthusiast’ gear (adding to that nikon kit) you can try things like a canon—  If you want a p7700 you’re probably looking at/thinking of a g12 as well… forget them both and go for a G1X or something slightly bigger and more powerful or something smaller… and more powerful.

Nikon Coolpix P7700 preview – 12MP CMOS-based enthusiast superzoom: Digital Photography Review.