Nikon D7000: Digital Photography Review

D7000- not a bad camera at all. If I was going to buy a DX replacement for my aging D200. It would be this. I liked the d90 back in the day and I recommended it to some friends because it was just a good as my d200 (if not better) at an affordable price point. Today this camera on paper is better than the D300s (although I prefer a larger body like the D200, D700, D3/4). I wonder if the rumors will end up being true that the Next “D90” will replace the D300s at the top of the DX food chain and the update to the “D300s” will be an entry level FX camera. (around 24 Mp) with HD video.

I want a FX camera- I want it bad, and I’ve got it bad for the D4 (funny how the 4 and the $ share the same key- seems apt here). I also really really don’t have $6k for a body knowing I’ll spend another $3k on glass. So my options are… the D800. It’s a great camera –I wont get in to the details now– but basically I’ve talked myself into the D800 simply because what I’m lacking in my D200 is image clarity/quality and ISO range. Nearly any camera built in the last few years will blow my D200 out of the water so that’s obviously going to be a great camera that will keep me happy for years to come. Would a D4 rock my world, yes – yes but a D800 will rock it just a bit less for half the price. BUUUUTTTT here’s the thing. the D800 also was meant to appease the D3X crowd –I guess it was meant to because why else would they cram 36.3 -Thirty SIX- Megapixels into the thing. I mean it’s great and all- super detailed, the noise is still super clean despite all those photo-sites where things can go wrong and if there is noise the image is so stupid large you’ll never see it… why it matters to me is if I shoot RAW I’ll be dealing with files sizes around 50-70 Mb a piece (30 Mb for jpeg). I won’t get into it too much but it’s way more pixels than I need and more file than my computer can handle. (or sd/cf cards for that matter). This is why I’m seriously considering buying a D700 before they are all gone (Nikon is still selling new ones from the website- are they still making them?) and if so, they probably know the D800 isn’t the one size fits all entry level FX camera the D700 was. The D700 was like the slightly younger brother to the D3. The D800 is it’s own thing. And while yes by now the D700 is slightly behind the times, and the IQ isn’t as great as the D800 in terms of color and dynamic range… it’s still a great camera (at a value price of ~$2300) that STILL knocks my D200 out of the water. SO if the next camera out of Nikon isn’t the D600 (FX) I’m looking to buy a D700 because I think I’m ready to move out of the DX zone… hopefully -If I can put together the funds to buy glass to make it all worth while. If not then $1200 for a D7000 that would be a very nice jump in IQ and ISO from my D200– where I can still make full use of my DX glass is not a bad way to go. (side note- I’ve seen another blog post somewhere about using DX glass on FX- it’s actually still very useable with a nice vignette all around which has a nice touch to it so maybe buy an FX camera and the glass will come :)

Nikon D7000: Digital Photography Review.