I thought hard and long about a creative name. I decided on something simple : a psudo-pseudonym. It doesn’t tie the blog down to one topic and is still personal to me- also it was easy to get the domain name. I imagine something like “my thoughts” was already taken and sounds a bit lame. So this blog served the purpose of getting some experience with managing a website… and in the end I’ve decided to keep it to give me space apart from my “professional” sites and blogs to vent into the void and post while I surf. Some things are related to my hobbies and interests but most things aren’t really related to my profession. In short this more of a personal, online, note taking space where I can collect things that provoke me and make comments about them.

P.S. the “s” is silent.

I haven’t spent too much time formatting and tweaking the site. I’ve have my priorities elsewhere. For example, the header image is a vacation photo of mine I just grabbed that was sitting on my desktop. Of one of my favorite cities : Budapest.